We are the manufacturer of the exciting, new and exclusive LeClaspTM Key and Jewellery HOLDERS.


The patented LeClaspTM "press action" design stands apart comparable products allowing recipients to effortlessly "clasp" (add, remove, cling to) indispensable KEYS and valued JEWELLERY.




The LeClasp...

Key Holder!

The fashionable, useful and utilized each day LeClaspTM KEY HOLDER is offered decorated as follows:

1000\2000\2500\3000 - Custom Logoed

● 1450 - Safety First Branded Messages

● 1350 - Medical Alert Identification Symbols

● 1500 - Wedding Attendant Gift Collection

● 4000 - Trendy Gift Insignias

5000 - Bar Code, Serialized or Sequential Numbered


The LeClasp...

Jewellery Holder!


Whereas the one-of-a-kind, portable and practical LeClaspTM JEWELLERY HOLDER is offered branded for:

1250 - Worker Jewellery Holder

● 1251 - Golfer Jewellery Holder

● 1252 - Sports Jewellery Holder

● 1253 - Personal Use (gym, vacation, giftware for friend)


This website presentation objective is highlighting initiatives (programs, campaigns, events) that effectively make use of the LeClaspTM HOLDERS within six (6) industries:



Promotional                                 Fundraising

Workplace Safety                     ►Self-Defense

Sports                                           Retail & eStore



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