Preventing Jewellery-Related Injuries in Sports:


A large percentage of golfers remove rings, bracelets and wristwatches BEFORE putting on a golf glove and teeing off.


Low-handicapped players remove jewellery for COMFORT.  While Sunday morning hackers who can't "feel the club head weight" remove rings to prevent blisters from hemorrhaging on Monday mornings (ouch!) and ripping holes in the golf Tiger Woods looking at a puttglove.


But sometimes the result is more than they bargained for.  Lost jewellery.    Precious and valuable jewellery vanishes in the car, golf bags, pockets or lockers.  Now... try explaining to a spouse the disappearance of the wedding ring!


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The neat LeClaspGolf Jewellery Holder is available for golfers, golf clubs, and corporate golf event sponsors, golf tournaments giveaways decorated as follows:


LeClasp GOLFER Jewellery Holder Price List


 ITEM#         DESCRIPTION      125        250       500+


#1310-1g    LeClasp Golf Jewellery Holder - White Nickel

                                        $7.19           $7.19      $6.80   

#1252          Second Back Side Location (Team\school\club

                                        crest or organization \ sponsor logo)

                                                      $1.50          $1.50       $1.25    (3C)

- Recommended one (1) per golfer\hacker


- Comes with choice of golf jewellery holder message

   1252-1a         1252-1b        1252-1bf      1252-1af


- Item # 1252 - Recommend decorating the Back Side with your organization, golf club, major sponsors or team logos (examples)


- Includes digital process (unlimited colours) imprint, choice of std or business card packaging and personalized explicate instruction leaflets.


Recommended website links:


 Annual Corporate Golf Tournament

 Preventing Jewellery-Related Sports Injuries in Gyms, Arenas, Pools, Parks, etc.

 News Bulletin! Tiger Woods does NOT wear wedding ring!

Download\print\email following formatted support materials:


 LeClasp Golfer Jewellery Holder  #9a

 LeClasp Athlete Jewellery Holder  #9b


Have you ever tried explaining the loss of a wedding band to a spouse?!?!  Don't bother... your in the dog houseeeeee!


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