LeClasp... Where to Buy?

This "web presence" is designed as an informative sales aid to assist our valued distributors and agents promote our LeClaspTM product line.


We sell exclusively through registered distributors, ad agencies, event planners and sales agents. 


For all inquiries, contact us to locate a reseller in your area.


Organizations/Foundations/Associations Inquiries:

= Workplace Safety - Contact us

=  Promotional Product -  Find Distributor In Your Area

= Special Events (Fundraising, Sports, etc.) - Contact us


Reseller Inquiries (Distributors/Agents/Consultants/Ad Agencies)

= Workplace Safety Industry Inquiry - Contact us

= Promotional Distributor Inquiry - Contact Us

= Ad Agency & Other Inquiries -  Contact us


Buy Now Inquiries (Retail Sales /eConsumers/eSurfer)

=  Buy Now!


Click here for all other inquires... Contact us

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