LeClasp JEWELLERY Holder -

Product Description and Benefits

Today men, women and children are wearing more and more jewellery --- from the traditional (wrist watches, precious wedding, engagement rings, bracelets and necklaces to trendy body piercings for the nose, tongue, lip/cheek, belly button, navel and other body parts!


The one-of-a-kind LeClaspJewellery Holder clasps \ grasps \ holds up to 95% of all size and shape jewellery. 


A simply squeeze on the thumb pads - as you would to add\remove keys - and voila, your jewellery is kept safe, secure and protected as one - ready for safekeeping in a locker at work or the gym.


The most likely to necessitate the LeClaspJewellery Holder are people of all ages searching for a PORTABLE, compact and convenient "jewellery box" that effortlessly clasps (add, remove, clings to) jewellery when:

Working in workplaces with to strict no jewellery policies to prevent jewellery-related injuries and accidents


- Workplace Safety Jewellery Holder

Exercising, gym, playing team sports, pool, etc.


- Sports Figures Jewellery Holder

- Golf Jewellery Holder

Personal use at home, vacation, etc.  

- Daily Use (Retail) Jewellery Holder


If you need additional information or would like to brainstorm an upcoming initiative, contact our Sales and Marketing Manager @ [ info@quagtum.com ]


P.s. Wow.... No more lost wedding band. 


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