LeClasp KEY Holder -

Custom Decorated (Logoed)



In the face of unprecedented promotional product choices and blitzes, your promotional target markets are constantly bombarded with all type of gifts that make them shout, “Seen it.  Done it.  I Don’t Care.” 

Instead of $7 price point caps, travel mugs, desk top clocks, golf balls, t-shirts and pens; why not try giving away our LeClaspKey Holder custom decorated with your organization logo, corporate slogan, event message, contact info or anniversary emblem?

Then... sit back and listen in to the recipients (employees, customers, executives, volunteers, golf tournament participants, exhibition visitors, renewal members, consolation prize winners) remarks, "Ingenious!", "WOW... Why didn't anyone think of it before??", "Neat!",  "Practical...".  more

This classy promotional gift idea is widely used by associations, foundations or associations for promotional programs, campaigns and special events (scroll down page for Top 10 examples). 

NOTE TO MARKETERS:  The LeClasp™ Key Holder is touched 10-times per day, for a staggering

3650 exposures per year.  How many thousands of magazine advertising dollars are you willing to

 spend for this kind of daily exposure and brand recognition?  Checkout the testimonials.

The practical and use-every-single-day LeClasp™ Key Holder is available custom decorated on the front and back sides assembled on your choice of four (4) jewellery-caliber plated finishes that match your logo colours, to suit your tastes and budget. 


For detailed LeClasp™ promotional product  information, checkout our Promotional division.


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LeClasp Key Holder Custom Decorated (Logoed) Price List

 ITEM#      DESCRIPTION                75        125         250        500       1000


  #1000    White Nickel w\ logo         $7.96*    $7.19*     $7.19*    $6.801     $6.501

  #2000    Black Nickel w\ logo         $8.10*     $7.61*     $7.61*    $7.141     $6.721

  #2500    Brushed Nickel w\ logo    $8.25*    $7.82*     $7.82*    $7.331     $6.901

  #3000    22ct Gold Plate w\ logo  $10.96*    $9.96*     $9.96*    $9.611     $9.161



 Digital     $1.75*    $1.50*      $1.50*      $1.25*      $1.25*

  #1256    Extra Back Side, Silk            ----         ----           ----         $1.841      $1.701

  #1258    Extra colour, Silk                  ----         ----           ----         $0.291      $0.181


    * - Digital process imprinting, stock white or chrome mylar decal colours,

        includes unlimited number of colours


    1 - Silk screen process imprinting,  minimum order qty = 500-units, stock

         decal colours (mylar (glossy gold), pearl white & matte silver), includes

         1-colour imprint (see below for extra colours)






Standard Setup Charges (1st production & reorders):

    Silk Screen Process -           $45 / colour / side   (C)

    Digital Process -                    $45 / side   (C)



Smaller order quantities (75, 125 or 250) available custom (personalized) printed ONLY in Digital Process (unlimited number of colours)



Above price points include a) choice of four (4) jewellery caliber plated finishes, b) FOUR standard 22mm size split rings to help "manage" your sets of keys, c) Front side location ad copy (logo), d) Extra charge for secont back side ad copy (logo), e) Polyurethane (non-yellowing) clear dome coating and f) UV protect ink (non-fade)



Shipped individually packaged in your choice of presentation-quality

 zip lock poly bags (Standard (2”X3”) or popular Business (3"X4") Card) and

free explicate instruction leaflets that can be personalized with a tag line, greeting or special




Recommended logo mockup examples by:

  artwork layout,

 ● events, programs, campaigns

 ● organizations, associations, foundations



Optional Luxury Packaging (BLACK):  Velour drawstring pouches,

leatherette scallop shaped leatherette pouches and boxes:   

$1.10    (C)



Additional Artwork Fee:  $35 / colour / side     (C)

  Extra charge applied if artwork is NOT e-mailed in vector format,

     colour separated and saved as Illustrator CS2 or CorelDraw v12

     or older digital file format for Windows (or Mac).

 ● Detailed Artwork Specifications

 ● Pantone® Colour Chart


bulletAbove price points are quoted in CDN$. 

Price points valid til December 15. more

Distributor discounts available by contacting us @ Contact Us.



White Nickel



Black Nickel



Brushed Nickel


22ct Gold Plate




P.s. 1 White Nickel finish shows less long-term wear & tear marks.

P.s. 2 Black and Brushed Nickel finishes amount to 65% annual volume.


If you have ???'s, e-mail us @ info@quagtum.com.

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