LeClasp JEWELLERY Holder -

For the Workplace

(Workers, Visitors to Plants, Students, Patients, Nurses, Soldiers, etc.)


At work... harmful, at times life threatening, jewellery-related accidents and injuries can happen when dangling neckwear, jewellery, body piercing or other similar items worn in the workplace comes into contact or gets caught and stuck against objects, equipment and moving parts of machinery. 


Organizations with strict No Jewellery Policies should checkout Phase 1 and Phase 2 of our  Workplace No Jewellery Program.


Phase 1 handles the essentials of the safety initiative --- equipping employees with the LeClasp Workerplace Safety Jewellery Holder to attach any-and-all jewellery before walking in the workplace.


The convenient LeClaspWorkplace Jewellery Holder is available decorated for workers, visitors to sites, students, patients, doctors, nurses, soldiers or customized with your safety-related message.


For additional information, visit our Workplace No Jewellery Program (Phase 1).



LeClasp Jewellery Holder - Price List


ITEM#      DESCRIPTION          75      125         250         500+

#1250     LeClasp JEWELLERY Holder for the Workplace

                                                   $7.96    $7.19    $7.19     $6.80    4C


 Comes with choice of Safety First Branded Message 1A thru 1fD

 Recommended one (1) per worker (full time, part timers), students and visitors touring the factory


 1250-1a          1250-1b             1250-1c          1250-1d            1250-1e

1250-1q            1250-1r             1250-1s            1250-1t

1250-1fa        1250-1fb       1250-1fc         1250-1fd


#1252     Extra Back Side Decoration (organization logo + safety slogan)

                                                   $1.75    $1.50     $1.50    $1.25    4C


 Recommend decorating the Back Side with your organization logo and JHSC Safety Slogan, emergency telephone no., slogan, picture, commemorative crest, etc. (examples)

- More detailed product description



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 Workplace No Jewellery Program

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#1250 - LeClasp Worker Jewellery  Holder



P.s. Lets do the math:   Accident-prone new trainee safety package:  Safety Goggles = $23.00  CSA Safety Hard Hats = $40.00  Banded Earplugs = $9.25   Disposable Respirator = $21  Winter Fireball Gloves = $10   Knee Pads = $22   Steel Toe Work Boots = $85,  LeClasp Workplace Jewellery Holder = only $7.19!!!


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


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