LeClasp KEY Holder -

Bar Coded Identified


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LeClaspKey Holder is now offered with a new printing process that renders capable bar code with corresponding human readable number.


The choice of two (2) bar code symbols are offered (Code 39 or Code 128) with serialized sequential numbering sequence (numberic or alphanumeric).

Imagine the promotional possibilities...  

Substitute for Gift Certificate Cards



  Substitute for Member Points Cards  



Substitute for Member Privilege Cards




Substitute for Reward Program Cards



Bar Code Specifications:

  Detail spec sheet

  There needs to be a certain amount of white space between the vertical black bar code lines.  Due to our LeClasp  3/4" square imprint size limit, the maximum number of digits\character combination we can squeeze into the barcode is six (999999).

  The bar code is protected with a clear polyurethane dome.  The printing process used has excellent UV resistance, is long lasting and durable, having a 5 year outdoor life expectancy.

  Distortion that is being added by the dome still allows a good read. 

Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended before proceeding with an order, customer tests the scanners readability and compatibility of the bar code in at least 33% of stores.

  From time to time, during the doming process, there will be an overflow.  As each bar code must pass inspection before leaving our facility, there may be a reject that is removed from the sheets.  This will be of rare occurrence.  In the case of normal bar codes that are not numbered, this is not a problem.  If a numbered bar code printing, it must either be re-produced or the customer will have a list of the skipped numbers.

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