LeClasp Safety First Branded KEY Holder -

Choice of 100+ Safety First & Zero Branded Messages\Slogans


 The LeClasp™ Key Holder is available decorated with your choice of 100+ SAFETY FIRST AND ZERO Branded Messages/Slogans on the FRONT side location and optionally, the organization logo imprinted on the second BACK side location.


  Handed out as part of a workplace Safety First initiative (workshop, meeting) or Annual Safety Week Health and Safety Activity to reward or commemorate a safety achievement, the LeClaspTM Safety Initiative Key Holders are an effective vehicle (advertising medium, giveaway, handout) to get DAILY work safe messages and practices ACROSS TO WORKERS.


  The most significant impact will occur when workers family members and friends INQUIRE about the what, who, where, when and why's of the VERY VISIBLE Safety First message, warning, reminder, reinforcement or slogan.  more


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LeClasp Safety First Branded Key Holder Price List


 ITEM#      DESCRIPTION          125         250        500+


 #1450      LeClasp "Safety First" Branded Key Holder

                                                  $7.19     $7.19      $6.80    

 #1252      Each Back Side, Organization Logo & Safety Slogan

                                                  $1.50     $1.50      $1.25      (3C)

- Item #1450 - LeClasp Key Holder comes decorated with your choice of Safety First Branded Message assembled on the Front Side 2A thru 49A

 - Item #1252 - Recommend decorating the Back Side with your organization logo, 2nd Safety First Branded Message, emergency telephone no., slogan, picture, commemorative crest, etc. (examples)

Download\print\email following formatted support materials:

LeClasp Safety First Branded Messages/Slogans Catalogue #7

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Bring Safety First Home Campaign Triggers Family Discussions on Workplace\Home Safety Practices

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