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TESTIMONIAL #4 - LeClasp Key Holder (Typical trade Show Remarks)

  1. "Why didn't anyone think of it before?"

  2. "No more chipped finger nails."

  3. "Self-defense device too. Better safe than sorry?"

  4. "Wow..."

  5. "Ingenious!"

  6. "Magic!"

  7. "The neatest gift at the show"

  8. "Great Value!"

  9. "Unique and practical."

  10. "No more lost jewellery!"

  11. "Orgasmicccccccccccc..."

TESTIMONIAL #3 - LeClasp Key Holder:

At Saucony / Hind we are very proud of our technical athletic footwear and authentic functional apparel. As the Promotions and Marketing manager I am continuously seeking products that fit with our corporate image and which our customers find innovative and useful. 

Our customers (sporting retail stores) use the LeClasp™ on a daily basis every time they use their keys and each time they are reminded of Saucony and Hind.

Patty Simpson  at Saucony Canada Inc.

TESTIMONIAL #2 - LeClasp Key Holder:

I ordered your LeClasp™ through Kitco Inc. (www.kitco.com). I thought I could "color code" my keys, try finding the "color" in the dark, especially on the East coast, after 5 PM, in the winter.

After using the LeClasp™, I sent out 7 more to friends and family. I grouped my main usage keys, and if I need to remove one, it's simple, no fumbling and moving 25 different keys, off one ring.

One of the finest products I have ever come across.

Sincerely, Eric Yourish Eye On Investments

TESTIMONIAL #1 - LeClasp Key Holder:


Imagine there I was searching my pocket for a coin to scratch off a scratch lottery ticket and I had none, but wait there attached to my keys was my LeClasp, key management and personal security system.


It was convenient and very expedient at removing the scratch off area and low and behold I had a winning device and a winning ticket.


No i'm not sharing the $4 I won.



Meri-Mac Inc.

Brampton Board of Trade,

"Small Business of the year 2003"

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