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LeClasp Custom Decorated (Logoed) Orders:

Step 4 - Choose your instruction leaflets tag line


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        Holiday Seasons' Greetings tag lines

It can take months for recipients to discover ALL the LeClasp™ benefits\advantages.  Don't laugh...

For that reason, each LeClasp™ ships with "instruction leaflets" tucked into the individual packaging

To help highlight your promotional event, LeClasp™ instruction leaflets ship at no extra charge with your choice of tag line printed below the explicate text.  Hmmm... imagine the promotional possibilities and checkout examples of Top 10 personalized messages.

The explicate text summarizes the three (3) major benefits and functions, guiding recipients to the website for additional information.

The choice of language is Français and English.  Upon request, bilingual (English - Français) language instructions leaflets are available.

The leaflets are printed on Rockland Cream paper and 3200dpi laser-quality printer. 

AND YES... the LeClasp™ instruction leaflets are "folded and inserted" into your choice of packaging at no extra charge. (a freebie... wow!!)

You can PERSONALIZE the Instruction Leaflets!


We realize how a creative tag line every now and then is the secret to a successful promotional campaign.

Addressed to an un-expecting recipient, the creative tag line can help build goodwill by accentuating a campaigns theme, message, salutation, catch phrase, repeating a slogan, or simply saying.... Thank You For Your Business!

To help highlight your tag line, LeClasp™ instruction leaflets can be ordered with your own "personalized" tag line printed below the explicate text.  Hmmm... the marketing possibilities!!!!

You can choose the 1) STANDARDCompliments of” message (see Vachon example above), 2) select one of our popular tag line examples, or 3) compose your own salutation.

You can view examples of the favorite messages used as tag lines by corporation\association buyers below:


P.s. 1 Great ice breaker... IQ tester during interviews.

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