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"Safety First" Initiatives:

  1. Bring Safety First Home (Off The Job) Safety Initiative

    For many organizations, there are now more serious injuries happening OFF THE JOB (home gardening, playing with kids in parks, garages, back yards, kitchens, practicing sports, vacationing, etc.) that are having a major impact in the workforce that it is becoming a serious issue.


    Our safety initiative helps safety coordinators convey the message of practicing safety not only at WORK but OFF THE JOB TOO.  Guaranteed to generate family discussions on home and workplace "Safety First" practices and spread corporate goodwill with workers, their families and friends too.

  2. Year Round Against Impaired Driving Safety First Initiative

    Highlights: Workers are given two (2) gifts -- a LeClasp Key Holder DECORATED with YOUR organization logo and local taxi fleet phone number on the front\back sides and...  snugly tucked into the packaging a Single-Use Breathalyzer Tester. more
  1. BRAINSTORMING IDEAS: Rewarding workers with Safety First Branded Merchandise that creates awareness?

  2. BRAINSTORMING IDEAS: Fighting Winter Cold Elements Safety Initiative - Tis Icy Fingers For Those Who Don't Own One!

  3. BRAINSTORMING IDEAS: Neat Medic Alert Symbol substitute for dangling bracelets and necklaces


Are you sick and tired handing out the same ol, same ol rewards, recognitions and awards??  Searching for a unique and useful safety-related gift to handout during a workshop, orientation session or the annual safety week campaign?

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