Workplace No Jewellery Program -

LeClasp... A Substitute (Alternative, Backup, Replacement) For Medic Alert ID Jewellery In the Workplace

If your employees have a medical condition, drug or food allergies, special needs, or taking prescribed medications, they may be exposed to undue risks in the event of a medical emergency in the workplace. 


For there own safety, they may wear Medic Alert Identification (ID) jewellery engraved with emergency health problems or special needs information. 

Some people with multiple medical conditions subscribe to 24-hour emergency response service.  Using a member ID number engraved on the back of the jewellery, first responders call a emergency hotline to get all pertinent medical information stored on the database.

The confidential medical record can be accessed by paramedics, firefighters, police, physicians, and nurses in less than two minutes.  MedicAlert, PharmaSystems and others offer the service available everywhere in the world.


Does your organization have a No Jewellery Policy and Program


If so, how many workers are wearing the dangling, potentially hazardous Medic Alert Identification bracelets and necklaces in your plants?


Do your safety coordinator permit workers to "cover up with a elastic band or sticky tape" and wear dangling and potentially harmful Medic Alert Identification bracelets and necklaces in the workplace? 


Are you looking for a "non-hazardous" substitute medical alert product and solution?


To prevent accidents, are your plant managers instructing workers to "covered up" with an "elastic band" or "sticky tape" Medic Alert ID bracelets before walking into the workplace


If so, is the directive resulting in supervision\enforcement problems for safety managers, constantly needing to hound "obstinate" workers to remove "other" personal jewellery?


Is your health and safety committee searching for a substitute Medical Alert Identified product that can be safely carried inside the facilities?



We have a plan of action that will incorporate any Medic Alert ID in case of accidents --- all while still respecting the strict "No Jewellery Policy and Program that you may have (or need) to implement.


We propose substituting the Medic Alert Identification jewellery with a custom identified MEDICAL ALERT Identified LeClasp Key Holder


For additional info. on the LeClasp™ Medical Alert Identified Key Holders, checkout Phase 2 of the LeClaspNo Jewellery Program.


Click here to view the LeClasp Medical Alert Identified Merchandise.



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