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Fighting the Cold Winter Elements Campaign - Tis Icy Fingers For Those Who Don't Own One!

The LeClasp Safety Products can be used in many varied ways to help fight the COLD ELEMENTS.

 As a Safety Key Holder, how often do you really want/need to remove your gloves while you’re exposed to the hostile/cold environments while working in industries such as; the refrigeration industry, fishing industry, petroleum industry, trucking industry, forestry, outdoor machine operators, public works, construction and really anyone working in cold or damp conditions.

With LeClasp no more fumbling to remove a particular key to open a locked vehicle or pad lock while enduring sub-zero temperatures and risk frostbite by removing your gloves.

Tis Icy Fingers For All Those Who Don't Own One!

The LeClasp Safety Key Holder is so versatile that it can function even while wearing your protective gloves 2) Safety Key Holder

As a Safety Jewellery Holder, it can hold up to 95% of all jewellery including watches, rings, studs and more! 

When working in a cold and damp environment frost bite and hypothermia can become a concern.  To reduce the risk you must cover exposed skin and remove any metal objects (jewellery) that comes into contact with the skin.  The metal can drop in temperature very quickly and in turn lower the temperature of the surrounding skin, putting it at risk. 

Avoid this situation by removing all metal objects and keep them safe, secure and protected on the LeClasp Safety Jewellery Holder1) Safety 'Jewellery' Holder New

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