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Three (3) Workplace Safety Initiatives:



  1)  Introducing Our Safety Initiatives:


         PREFACE - Our three (3) exciting & new Safety First Initiatives

         PRICE LIST - LeClasp Safety Products Price Points



  2)  Workplace No Jewellery Program



Recommended... A Must!

    2a)  CATALOGUE - Workplace No Jewellery Program


         ● Program Details

    2b)  The Problem

    2c)  This Little Piggy

    2d)  Phase 1 - Handing out workplace jewellery holders to workers

    2e)  Phase 2 - Handing out a "non-dangling" substitute for Medical Alert ID bracelets\necklaces to workers 

    2f)  Jewellery Safety Hand Posters

    2g)  Cost per worker estimation

    2h)  Benefits 

    2i)  JHSC Members Testimonials

    2j)  Medical Alert Identification Key Holder Symbols


In The News... Must Read Reports/Bulletins!

    2k)  Consumer Safety Commission Recommendations of wearing rings

    2l)  In USA, 79,753 who hurt themselves with jewellery

    2m)  24+ Jewellery-related work safe bulletins, practices, warnings and procedures (BY INDUSTRY)

  3)  "Safety First" and "Zero" Branded Key Holders

100+ Safety First Branded Messages and Slogans to choose from!!   Practical, neat and utilized-every-single-day giftware for workers that helps promote/reminder "Safety First" issues, practices and procedures on a daily basis --- while spreading corporate goodwill at work and home too.


    3a)  CATALOGUE - Safety First Branded Key Holder Messages\Slogans


Examples of popular SAFETY  Initiatives that effectively

    make use of the LeClasp "SAFETY FIRST" Key Holders:



    3b)  Bring "Safety First" Home (Off The Job) Safety Initiative

            ● Proposal     ● Details

    3c)  Year-Round Against Impaired Driving Safety Initiative

            ● Proposal     ● Details



  4)  More... Sports teams, leagues, assoc., golf tourneys, etc.


    4a)   FLIER - LeClasp SPORTS Jewellery Holder



If you need to discuss\brainstorm our Safety Initiatives or LeClasp Products BEFORE presenting to your organization safety committee, contact our Corporate Account Manager @ [ ].

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