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LeClasp Custom Decorated (Logoed) Key Holder



Our registered promotional product distributors and ad agencies re-sellers are now ready to meet organizations, associations, foundations, unions and government searching for an innovative, unique and truly USEFUL promotional product for an up-coming event, campaign, program or sponsorship.

In the face of unprecedented promotional product choices and blitzes, your promotional target markets are constantly bombarded with all type of gifts that make them shout, “Seen it.  Done it.  I Don’t Care.” 

So... Instead of caps, travel mugs, desk top clocks, golf balls, t-shirts and pens; why not try handing out our LeClasp Key Manager custom decorated with your organization logo, slogan, message, contact info or anniversary emblem?

Then... sit back and listen in to the recipients ((employees, customers, executives, volunteers, golf tournament participants, exhibition visitors, renewal members, consolation prize winners)) remarks, "Ingenious!", "WOW... Why didn't anyone think of it before??", "Neat!",  "Orgasmic...".

Afterwards... watch everyone make use of "YOUR" promotional gift idea for 3-4-5 and more years!!

 Upcoming... Special Event, Anniversary,


 Upcoming... Campaign To Getting Your

                 Contact Information Out

 Upcoming... Golf Tournament handouts!



For examples of our Top 10 (recommended) LeClasp promotional campaigns, review the LeClasp portfolio and idea generator sections and brainstorm with your promotional, sales or marketing committee the following links: 

LeClasp Idea Generator:

 4a) LeClasp campaigns, events, programs,

      special anniversaries, tournaments, etc.

LeClasp Portfolio (Gallery) By:

 4b) Events\Campaigns\Programs

 4c) Organizations\Assoc.\Foundations

 4d) Artwork Recommendations

For LeClasp price points and order details, checkout the following LeClasp custom order detail links:

If you need additional information or want to discuss our promotional products and solutions, contact our Promotional Products Distributors in your area, our Sales and Marketing Department for a referral @ [ ]


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