Workplace No Jewellery Program - PHASE 1



Increasingly procured as part of safety equipment and supplies budget (safety glasses, goggles, gloves), our Workplace No Jewellery Program assists plant managers and safety coordinators put into operation (roll out) no jewellery policies, helping raise awareness and facilitating enforcement on a daily basis with 1) permanent\temporary workers, 2) young\students employees and 3) site visitors (Government inspectors, VIP's, supplier reps.) at risk of jewellery-related accidents and injuries.


Phase 1 described below handles the essentials of the safety initiative --- Equipping employees with a Jewellery Holder to attach any-and-all jewellery BEFORE walking in the place of work. 


A simple squeeze on the thumb pads of the LeClasp Worker Jewellery Holder and voila; a worker's valuable and irreplaceable personal, religious and Medical Alert Identification jewellery are kept safe, secure and protected as one  --- ready for safekeeping in a padlocked location at work (change room locker, tool box, office desk drawer, car or truck glove box).


If a secure location is NOT available at the site, we recommend workers keep jewellery holders at home, put away in a place where every morning they'll SEE the Safety First Message (bathroom cabinet, dresser, kitchen cupboard); a reminder to remove wedding or engagement rings, bracelets, necklaces and body piercing BEFORE departing for work. 


The jewellery holders stored at home can be used by the whole family when cleaning the garage, back yard, mowing the grass, exercising (contact sports, swimming, softball, soccer), etc.


More importantly, workers now have a neat "portable jewellery box" to attach jewellery. 


And can no longer make excuses for NOT removing the jewellery.


The LeClasp™ Jewelry Holders are available decorated with your choice of Jewellery-Related Safety First Branded message prominently displayed on the Front Side.


Recommended Safety First message for:


 - Permanent, temporary workers, new and young employees, seasonally hires:  Safety First - Remove and attached your jewellery here!


 - Guests, VIP's, Government Inspectors and suppliers touring the siteSafety First - Visitors Jewellery Holder (make for a great gift to visitors)


 - Summertime student hires - Safety First - Student Jewellery Holder (Handout during orientation week)


 - Optionally the Back Side of the LeClasp™ Jewelry Holders can be decorated with organization logo and safety slogan, emergency telephone number, commemorative crest, etc.


The LeClasp™ Workers Jewellery Holders start at $7.19.  Add $1.50 for back side logo. more


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 Our Solution Phase 2 - Equipping workers with a non-hazardous Medical Alert ID substitute product


 Jewellery-related Work Safe Practices, Bulletins, Warnings and Procedure in your industry

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Lets do the math:   Accident-prone new trainee safety package:  Safety Goggles = $23.00  CSA Safety Hard Hats = $40.00  Banded Earplugs = $9.25   Disposable Respirator = $21  Winter Fireball Gloves = $10   Knee Pads = $22   Steel Toe Work Boots = $85,  LeClasp Workerplace Jewellery Holder = only $7.19!!!

  If you need to discuss\brainstorm the Safety Initiatives and LeClasp product line, contact our Corporate Account Manager @ [ ].

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