Workplace No Jewellery Program - PHASE 2


For life saving reasons, more and more  employees carry 24/7 on there person Medic Alert ID jewellery (bracelets, necklaces, wristwatch) engraved with emergency health and special needs information, including medical conditions, drug or food allergies, prescribed medications and donor information.


Some people with multiple medical issues go the extra mile subscribing to 24-hour emergency response service


Using a member ID number engraved on the back of the medical alert jewellery, first responders call a emergency hotline to get all pertinent medical information in less than two minutes --- from anywhere in the world.  


Before beginning treatments on an UNCONSCIOUS patient, first responders, paramedics, firefighters, police, medical technicians and healthcare professionals are trained to look for  Medic Alert Identification bracelets, necklaces, watches, key holders and wallet card cards on the injured person.


Hazards of wearing Medical Alert ID Jewellery in the workplace.


If you are implementing a strict Workplace No Jewellery Program, what happens with employees wearing "dangling" Medical Alert Identification jewellery?


During site visits, we noticed most organizations were making an exception and authorizing employees to wear there Medical Alert ID bracelets in the facility as long as it is covered up (elastic band or sticky tape). 


But it goes without saying, risks of accidents and injuries still exist.


More importantly, we all know what happens when exceptions are made with employeesIt won't take too long before you start hearing, "If S/He can wear her Medical Alert bracelet, then why can't I too cover up and wear my precious and valuable gold bracelet my spouse gave me for our 10th anniversary?!?!?!?!"


Phase 2 of our Workplace No Jewellery Program equips workers wearing Medical Alert ID jewellery with a "NON-DANGLING" and "NON-HAZARDOUS" substitute product.


In our No Jewellery Program, workers are informed to remove ALL dangling jewellery - as well as  Medical Alert Identification jewellery (bracelets, necklaces) - and attach onto their LeClasp Worker Jewellery Holders - NO EXCEPTIONS.


As a substitute (backup for, alternative) product, workers (5-10% of employees) are handed out the new LeClaspTM Medical Alert Identification KEY Holder.


Tucked away in the workers trouser\jacket pockets, the LeClaspTM Medical Alert Identification KEY Holder can SAFELY BE CARRIED and KEPT ON THEIR PERSON in the place of work.


For more visibility and when approved by JHSC, workers CAN effortlessly "hook" the multi benefit LeClaspTM Medical Alert Key Holder on pant loops, belt buckles, carabineer clips, lunch, tool boxes and equipment near their work area.


In case of an accident, we recommend setting up a 3-person buddy system.  If a worker is found unable to communicate, the "buddy" co-worker is trained to immediately guide/inform/warn first responders to search unconscious workers pockets for the LeClaspTM Medical Alert ID KEY Holder.



The LeClaspTM Medical Alert Identification Key Holders are available as follows:

  1. Customized (personalized) with employee Medical Alert Symbols

    Recommended for workers with less than two (2) issues

    Key Holders come personalized with employees medical

       conditions, allergies and prescribed medications Symbols

       assembled on Front and Back Sides

    Choice of 50+ Conditions, Allergies and Prescribed Meds Symbols (50A-57A)


    Customized LeClasp™ Medical Alert ID KEY Holders (with up to  two (2) medical emblems assembled on Front and Back sides) start at $12.95  more

  1. Generic "SEE WALLET CARD" Symbol and Free Wallet size Card

    Recommended for workers with three (3) or more issues

    Key Holders come personalized with  a "See Wallet Card -

       Voir Portefeuille"  Symbol assembled on the Front Side 

    Includes a FREE Emergency Medical Alert Wallet Card

    Worker confidentially fills in personal Contact and Medical


    Seven lines to fill Medical conditions, allergies and

       prescribed medications

    Choice of five "See Wallet Card" Generic Symbols (59A -59E)

              Card Size -  2 1/8" X 3 1/4"

    Generic LeClasp™ Medical Alert ID KEY Holders with FREE

       Wallet Card start at $12.95  more

  1. NEW Medical Alert Identification Card for Badges

    Designed to be CLIPPED ON with 1) Employee Photo ID/ Access//Security swipe badges, or 2) where applicable, near equipment where employee works. (Also amenable for Membership/School/Child ID/Trade Show/Event/etc. passes/cards)

    Worker confidentially fills in personal Contact and Medical Information

    Seven lines for worker to fill in personal medical information, including conditions, allergies, prescribed medications, etc.

    Recommended for workers with three (3) or more issues

    Comes with bull dog hole compliant to ALL badge holders, incl. popular retractable clip holders, polypropylene neck wallets, vinyl badge holders, neck secure and breakaway lanyards.

    Larger size card makes emergency info easily visible (accessible) beneath all-size badges, cards or passes by medics\doctors\nurses


    Card Size -  2 1/2" X 4 1/4"

    Larger Medical Alert ID Card with bull dog hole start

        at $2.50  more


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