LeClasp Safety First Branded Key Holder -

Off The Job Safety First Initiative

(Bring Safety First Home Safety Initiative)


The LeClasp SAFETY FIRST Branded KEY Holders are an effective vehicle (advertising medium, giveaway) to get work safe issues, practices and procedures ACROSS TO WORKERS on a daily basis --- while spreading corporate goodwill at WORK and HOME too.


Practical, neat and utilized-every-single-day giftware, the LeClasp KEY HOLDER comes decorated with your choice of Safety First branded message/slogan on the Front side and, optionally the organization logo with underneath the joint health and safety committee slogan on the Back side.


The most significant WOW impact (factor) will occur when workers family members and friends INQUIRE about the what, who, where, when and why's of the VERY VISIBLE Safety First messages and slogans (safety warnings, reminders, reinforcements). 


Recommended handed out as part of a safety initiative (workshop, meeting) or Safety Week Activity to reward or commemorate WORKERS Safety achievements.


Download and email the LeClasp Safety First catalogue and ask JH&SC members to circle messages\slogans that identify safety issues, concerns and risks in there departments, plants and sites.  We guarantee EACH Safety coordinator and plant manager will pick at least ten (10) different emblems to giveaway to WORKERS!!  Also... checkout two (2) popular LeClasp Safety First Initiatives campaign ideas.

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 LeClasp Safety First Branded Catalogue  3a

  Hmmm.... a great recognition gift idea for Safety Week?

Safety First Catalogue: Download     

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