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LeClasp Personal Self-Defense Division

(Women Associations, Self-Defense\Boxing\Karate\... Schools, Fitness Gyms\Tournament Giveaway, etc.)


LeClasp and Self-Defense

 7a) LeClasp... The Self-Defense Device!

       Headline: Helpful Self Defense Advice

 7b) How to setup LeClasp for Self-Defense

 7c) Recommended Self-Defense Campaigns



Helpful Personal Self-Defense Advice, Tips,  Headlines and Website Links


   u Headline:  Runners World - Be Safe Out There (2003)

    u Headline:  Think Like A Fighter

    u Headline:  Treat Him Like An Object

    u Headline:  Pay-at-the-pump Gas Station Caution


    u Website:    Fearless' Safety Tips

    u Website:    Women Educating In Self-Defense Training




How to setup LeClasp for Self-Defense


Recommended Personal Safety (Self-Defense) Campaign Examples


Where To Buy?


If you need additional information, need coaching BEFORE a planning meeting or simply wanna brainstorm stuff, contact our Sales and Marketing Manager @ [ Info@quagtum.com ]



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