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LeClasp Personal Self-Defense Division

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LeClasp and Self-Defense

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How To Set-Up LeClasp For Your Self-Protection Device!

Sooooo..... How can you quickly transform YOUR LeClasp™ Key Holder into aneffective, hand clasped Personal Safety Device for means of security?

Prior to leaving your home or getting of the bus and heading someplace alone, below are two effective ways to quickly get ready the LeClasp™ Key Holder for self-defense use.  

Method #1 - Larger Hands

          Picture 1     

First find the appropriate Defense Key (picture 1) for your size hand


Picture 2                          Picture 3   


Picture 4                           Picture 5

Once sturdily anchor (pictures 2-5), you should be able to jab a hard surface (brick, wood) without the keys digging (or hurting) into your fingers\palm\hand.

For people with smaller hands, a second grasp can be used effectively:  Setup LeClasp™ keys as shown in picture 2, then clench your hand in a fist and "whip\lash\slap the weight and pointy ends of the keys across the eyes\face of an attacker!!!

Method #2 - Smaller  Hands



  • Slip key holder thru ring finger and "whack" assailant across the face with "weight" of key!!


To escape an assault, you need to alarm\surprise\shock the attacker.  During the first seconds of an attack, scream HELP and gouge/jab/whack the LeClasp Defense Keys at the attacker's sensitive body parts (eyes/face/neck).

Victims of an attacker will hold onto the  LeClasp™ Personal Safety Device longer than the brass knuckle grip.

Honestly, we hope YOU (or a loved one) never NEED to use LeClasp™ for this function. 

Bottom Line:  Better Safe Than Sorry!  


P.s.If you need additional information or would like to brainstorm how we might help you further, contact our Sales and Marketing Manager @ [ Info@quagtum.com ]


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