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LeClasp Personal Self-Defense Division

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LeClasp and Self-Defense

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Personal Self-Defense Advice Headline: 'TREAT HIM LIKE AN OBJECT'

Instructor Paul Henry Dany-lewich breaks his advice into the following:

Be aware of your surroundings. The police advise women to avoid walking alone, but that's not a very realistic expectation.

"Women are strong in mind and body and we believe there's a lot they can do on their own. They can take charge of their own safety," Danylewich said.

He explained that aggressors look at body language and alertness. They are looking for a weak victim, someone who can easily be taken off guard. "These guys are creatures of opportunity."

Keep a distance of at least two arms' lengths if someone who makes you uncomfortable should approach. Cut off any dialogue and look at his throat.

"Looking in the eyes can be distracting and scary. Treat him like an object," Danylewich said.

"This confuses him because you were supposed to run or panic. He will either leave you alone at this point or get more aggressive."

Become the aggressor. If the person persists, show him you're strong by assuming a ready position. Drop anything you're carrying and put your best leg, your kicking leg, back one step. Hold your hands up, palms out in a fight position.

A fist is not as good because most women haven't conditioned their hands to punch. There's more power in the base of the palm.

Tell him to leave you alone and speak like "a cop, mother or teacher."

Strike first. "If he comes at you, "flick the switch and attack him first. Become the predator," Danylewich said.

 The Gazette (Montreal) 2004

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