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LeClasp Personal Self-Defense Division

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LeClasp and Self-Defense

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Personal Self-Defense Advice:

Headline: Be Safe Out There

From Runner's World Magazine  ( August 2003 )

Written by Katrin McDONALD NEITZ

If we can make a reading suggestion on the topic, checkout a recently published 4-page article in Runner's World entitled "Be Safe Out There".

Click images to view "scanned" pages:

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Stuff you need to know when you exercise or walk alone about protecting yourself if you're ever in a"situation" Before it's too late.

Concise, yet fundamental safety tips like  using a buddy system, keeping your ears open, making eye contact, being alert, TAKING YOUR KEYS, carrying ID\cell phone.  Or thinking survival, escape, and running toward safety.  Reacting quickly.  If you panic or freeze, picture a loved one, and fight for them.  Never to give up.  Learn confidence-building moves. Hmmm....

The writer talks about signing on for a self-defense course.  Good reading available @ www.rad-systems.com.  Read\print the "Articles" section.


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