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  1. Kathryn - Could LeClasp Medical Alert Identified Key Holder be worn on a chain around the neck or on a bracelet? I do not always carry keys? 

    Bracelets and necklaces are the most utilized and available Medic Alert Identified products on the marketplace today.

    Alternative (substitute) medical alert identified products such as watches, shoe laces, socks and key holders are available for two main reasons:

bullet For added peace of mind in case of an accident and injury.  Ideal for children, seniors, grandparents; when traveling and vacationing alone, etc.
bullet And for safety-related reasons where workers are NOT permitted to wear "dangling" jewellery (bracelets, necklaces, watches, rings, etc.) that can inadvertently come into contact, get caught or stuck against objects, equipment and moving parts of machinery. 

In nearly all plants, factories, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, mines, hospitals, restaurants, etc. with strict no jewellery policies and programs, workers are compelled to wear Medical Alert Identified items that remain concealed, yet with a simple search (purse or pocket) found by paramedics.

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