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LeClasp Fundraising Division

(Associations, Foundations, Not-For-Profits, Schools, Leagues, Teams, etc.)


LeClasp and Fundraising

 6a) Intro      -  Are you planning a fundraiser?

 6b) Step #1 - Set a financial objective

 6c) Step #2 - Approach sponsors in your


 6d) Step #3 - LeClasp sells like hot cakes to


 6e) Step #4 - Calculate LeClasp Sales

                       Break Even Selling Price Point

 6f) More       - LeClasp Cost-per-impression

 6g) Download Flier



Step #3 - LeClasps Sells Like Hot Cakes

LeClasp's are an easy selling fundraiser product. Everyone needs one, but for different reasons.


The retired grandparent can now instantly remove the large car key and remote keyless entry system from his LeClasp without letting somebody see the "hand tremble" that always makes the service technician (and others) uncomfortable


Or... a parent no longer chips his or her finger nails every time the kids ask for the minivan key. 


Or... the avid golfer hooks his or her wedding band onto LeClasp and... saves a12-year marriage. 


Or... my mom, BEFORE doing the dishes, attaches her precious ring onto her LeClasp and does NOT inadvertently knocked off and wash the diamond down the sink.  (And... saves $$$ on plumber's bill!)


And... a female teenage student walking home (unaccompanied and at night) from the bus stop has a little peace of mind holding her "concealed" handclasp LeClasp self-defense device.


Participants selling LeClasp's will hear the following comments from supporters - 13)Testimonials.


Approaching a potential individual:


A simple demonstration usually persuades individuals of LeClasp's "every day" usefulness.


Try this simple but effective approach:  "Hello, my name is _________, and I'm raising money for ___________.  Would you like to support our group by purchasing the magical Multi-Purpose "Key Holder"LeClasp lets you 1) remove or add your keys without breaking nails, 2) attach jewellery when at work or practicing a sport and 3) use it for self-defense when walking alone at night.  Navigate to the LeClasp key holder and LeClasp jewellery holder learn about a dozen additional advantages, neat things you can do.  Thank you for your generosity, and have a great day."


Know why your group is holding the fundraising, and communicate this to potential donors.  For example, "Our group is raising money in order to finance medical equipment and health programs".


Below "How To Use & Benefits" sheet

handed out to participants selling LeClasps.


LeClasp Selling Price


Each participant(15+ years) could sell up to 36 LeClasp's each.  Start with family, seniors, friends and proceed to neighbors, co-workers, and other people you feel would be interested in your cause.


LeClaspselling price to individuals will depend on the Corporate Sponsorship donations. 


Example #1:  If the fundraiser objective is $7500 and you and your group collect $5000 from Gold-Silver-Bronze Corporate Sponsorship in your town, then the BREAK EVEN selling price = LeClasppurchase cost plus $2500 ($7500-$5000) divided quantity ordered.


Example #2:  If the fundraiser objective is $7500 and you and your group collect $8000 from Gold-Silver-Bronze Corporate Sponsorship in your town, then the BREAK EVEN selling price = LeClasppurchase cost subtract $500 ($8000-$7500) divided quantity ordered.


Click link to download and print the following LeClasp Fundraiser Form - Calculate Break Even Selling Price


First, fill in the Company Name and amounts donated by Gold, Silver and Bronze Corporate Sponsorships.  Secondly, enter the approx. number of participants and order quantity and price.  An estimate LeClasp selling price will be calculated.


Incentive Prizes:


Not all fundraising campaigns need additional incentives to motivate the participants.  If a football team needs to raise $120 per player to be able to participate in a tournament, the incentive is already there. 


With many campaigns, you may want to motivate your participants with individual achievement prizes.  For example, everyone who sells a pre-determined minimum  (36-units), or raises the most money, or sells the most units gets his or her name entered for a draw for cash prize, movie tickets, gift certificate or other merchandise available or donated.


LeClasp Cost and Delivery:


Once you have placed your order, allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of up to 1000 anticipated units.


LeClasp suggested price points vary with quantity ordered and number of colours printed. 


 6e) Step #4 - Calculate LeClasp Sales Break

                       Even Selling Price Point

 6f) More      - LeClasp Cost-Per-Impression

 6g) Download Flier

If you need additional information or want to discuss our Fundraising Sales and Marketing Manager @ [Info@quagtum.com ]

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