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Prior to leaving your home, getting of the bus, departing a pub alone or heading someplace at night, setup your LeClasp™ Key Holder as shown below:


STEP 1:  Find "YOUR" custom-size Defense KEY (D-KEY).


1a) Find amongst all your keys one key shaped with a flat back.  Ideal D-KEY width should be 1/2 - 5/8 inches.

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1b) The D-KEY should be the length of your pinky finger.  Users with smaller hands (women\children) may need to cut\file a custom-sized key.  Some people with larger hands may prefer feel safer with longer keys.
1c) Place the D-KEY on one of 4 20mm split rings shipped with each LeClasp



STEP 2:   From here on, BEFORE departing someplace alone (especially at night!!), follow these steps and easily convert your LeClasp™ into a concealable, handclasp self-defense device!


2a) Position your D-KEY at the far end of the circular shaped clasp, as shown here.


2b) If you are right-handed, slide LeClasp™ all the way through your right ring finger.  The bottom part should rest in your palm and feel very comfortable when clasping\clenching your right hand in a fist.
2c)  Slip the D-KEY between your index (forefinger) and middle finger.
2d)  Verify that the CENTER of the flat D-KEY rests (actually anchors itself) firmly on the side of the LeClasp™

2e) Lastly, grasp\clench your hand in a fist, nestling your D-KEY sturdily in the palm of the hand.  You should be able to jab something hard (brick, wood) without the keys digging (or hurting) into your fingers\palm\hand. 


NOTE:  If the D-KEY is loose and slides sideways when jabbing, then your Defense KEY is NOT positioned\anchored properly and\or fitted properly for your hand\finger size.  Go back to Step A


Try out a shorter\longer sized D-KEY key and\or a smaller size split rings (18-14-16-12 mm diameter).  If you require further assistance, e-mail us @ info@quagtum.com.



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Bottom Line:  Better Safe Than Sorry!  


Anyone working shift work or sportspersons traveling will appreciate the LeClasp™ Personal Safety Device that can help give you the peace of mind when leaving the office\mall late to catch the bus; or the brisk walk thru an unlit parking lot in the wee hours of the morning; or, any other time that you feel danger\uncomfortable about your personal safety.


To escape an assault, you need to alarm\surprise\shock the attacker.  During the first seconds of an attack, scream HELP and gouge/jab the D-KEY at the attacker's eye/face/neck/ribs body parts.


Honestly, we hope YOU (or a loved one) never NEED to use LeClasp™ for this function. 


The LeClasp Safety-Jewellery Device can be handed out for many varied campaigns, programs and events.  Click here for details...


LeClasp Personal Safeguard Device

Personal Safety Group\Assoc.

  u Gift with membership for teenagers\women

Health & Safety Industry Safety Education/Incentive/Programs

  u Shift Workers

Promotional Campaigns\Programs\Events

  u Membership\gift with subscription for teenagers\women

Sports Industry Team/School/Assoc. Campaigns/Events

Fundraising Opportunities


If you need additional information or would like to brainstorm how we might help you further, contact our Sales and Marketing Manager @ [ robertoq@quagtum.com ]


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