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LeClasp Top 10: Promotional Campaigns/Programs/Events

  1. Commemorative gift for a business celebrating a special anniversary (10-25-50th) or special occasion; memorable handout at a grand opening;

  2. General meeting handout (trade shows, conventions, national sales)

  3. Elegant handout at annual events (golf tournament, trade show, sales meeting, convention, safety & total quality awareness days, visiting dignitaries);

  4. Corporate identification campaigns (advertise a logo, slogan,  trademarked symbols, brand names, toll free number, e-mail or web site address);

  5. Momentous gift to club, foundation and association volunteers;

  6. Major sponsors co-op giveaway to participants at a sporting event, festival, fundraiser, international conference;

  7. Consolation prize for a scratch ‘n win card contest; a one-in-a-million freebie w\ purchase, trial offer or subscription freebies with purchases, membership renewals (only $.94 mailer);

  8. New product and service launches, grand openings and consolation prize;

  9. Staff Seasons & Christmas gifts to executives, customers, dedicated volunteers, sponsors and hardworking colleagues. 

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