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Workplace Safety Initiatives!



Working safely in a safe environment is everybody's business and it not only benefits you and your organization, but also fellow workers, new-hires, students, visitors and even your family.


Accidents will happen but many can be prevented following safe work procedures and practices.  We all need to be safety-conscious each and every day not only while at the workplace premises but at home and while traveling as well.


The following presentation objective is to share with you three (3) workplace Safety First Initiatives that creatively and effectively make use of our new and exclusive safety products:

Our Safety First Initiatives:Recommended Safety Products:



  1. Workplace No Jewellery Programs: Assisting safety coordinators and plant managers put into operation (roll out) no jewellery policies, raising awareness (newbie's, students, visitors) and facilitating enforcement on a DAILY BASIS with workers at risk of jewellery-related accidents and injuries. more

Workers are handed out:

  1. #1250 - LeClasp™ Worker JEWELLERY Holder more

  2. #1352 - LeClasp™ Medical Alert Identification KEY Holder (Generic "See Wallet Card" symbol. Comes with Free Emergency Contact and Medical Information Wallet Card) more

  1. Bring Safety First Home (OFF The Job) Safety Initiative:  For many organizations, there are now more serious injuries happening OFF THE JOB (home gardening, playing with kids in parks, garages, back yards, kitchens, practicing sports, vacationing, etc.) that are having a major impact in the workforce that it is becoming a serious issue.


    Our safety initiative helps safety coordinators convey the message of practicing safety not only at WORK but OFF THE JOB TOO.  Guaranteed to generate family discussions on home and workplace "Safety First" practices and spread corporate goodwill with workers, their families and friends too. more 


Workers are handed out:

  1. Workers and family members are handed out:

    #1450 - LeClasp™ Safety First or Zero Branded KEY Holders more


  1. Year Round Against Impaired Driving Safety First Initiative:  Are you looking for safety-related gift idea to handout at an upcoming "Safety First" workshop\meeting, annual NAOSH Safety Week or Christmas Party??  more

Workers are handed out:

  1. Workers are handed out:

     #1450 - LeClasp™ Safety First Branded KEY Holder and...

    #1955 -  ALCO-TUBE PLUS Breathalysers Alcohol Testers more


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