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 LeClasp and Direct Mailers - Attention Getter Premiums

Are you using lots of direct mailer premiums for impact


For example, sending small items to remind prospective clients, or... a PR agency to motivate the media to give coverage to clients, or... meeting planners and travel agents to gain consideration for travelers (clients) destinations and properties at a favorable rate, or...


A premium has to be something clever, catchy, original --- a teaser


LeClasp is a clever, upscale gift that fits above message and... conveniently tucks into an envelop.


From now on, never let a special outgoing letter to clients go unnoticed and simply tuck the thin/light LeClasp into $500+ invoice amounts to customers, Thanks You \ We Appreciate cards,  anniversary cards, Holiday Season's cards, invitation cards to an event, sorry gift correspondence, baby shower card, birthday cards, etc.


And... perhaps your staffs pay slip when launching a new incentive campaign, celebrating a special anniversary/record, customer service sales or group attendance achievement, training program, or...


NOTE:  Two (2) 49-cent stamps cover the day-to-day mailing cost.  Mass mailings with postal service mailing companies costs even less. 

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P.s. Review the LeClasp™ Holiday Season's Gifts program

P.s.  Aren't you sick and tired receiving t-shirts, travel mugs, pens, caps,  and other "been there, done that" logoed promotional products??

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