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Campaign Against Impaired Driving

(Holiday Season... or Year Round).

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This year give the gift that could save lives.


Display YOUR company logo predominantly at the front side of our LeClasp and decorate the back side with a Holiday Season message like "Don't Drink and Drive.  Call TAXI Fleet Service (555) 555-5555 "; or the not-for-profit program dedicated to the fight against impaired driving. [ex. Operation Red Nose, Mothers Against Drink Driving (MADD), Students Against Drinking & Driving (SADD), Reduced Impaired Driving Everywhere (RIDE)]


Envision how your employees and customers will delight not only in YOUR positive reminder message (life saving WORDS OF WARNING every time recipients use their vehicle, or leave a pub holding car keys!), but also the use of the first "Benefit-Specific" promotional product that they have ever had!




Spend a little more to show that you care a little more.

Tips To A Successful

"Don't Drink And Drive" Campaign:


During the next sales reps. meeting, seminar or a sales call at a customer, handout your custom decorated LeClasp to each recipients and take 3-4-minutes reviewing the three (3) major functions and showing off YOUR favorite benefits.


Then... ask EACH recipient to "then and there" attach his\her CAR KEY AND REMOTE STARTER UNIT onto their LeClasp.


Finally.... the positive message is simple, "Don't Drink and Drive From now on, simply use YOUR cellular phone and DIAL the telephone number printed on the BACK, FLIP side of your new LeClasp!

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P.s. Hmmm... Lets prevent just one (1) accident.... tragedy??

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