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Preventing Jewellery-Related Injuries in Sports:

LeClasp and the Annual Golf Tournament



Finally...  A place to keep jewellery safe this summer when playing your 45+ rounds of golf!   Or before a soccer, baseball, hockey, softball, football game; or... the gym, karate class; or...??)


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Most golfers remove rings, bracelets and wristwatches BEFORE they put on a golf glove and tee off.


Low-handicapped players do this for COMFORT while triple-bogey students of the game (Sunday morning hackers) to PREVENT JEWELLERY-RELATED INJURIES. (blisters from hemorrhaging (ouch!!) Monday mornings)


Sometimes the result is more than they bargained for.  The result is lost jewelleryExpensive wristwatches disappear.  Precious wedding rings vanish in golf bags or pockets


Have you ever tried explaining the loss of a wedding band to a spouse?!?!  Don't bother... your in the dog houseeeeee!


LeClaspTM is a unique "multi-functional" promotional gift idea that not only resolves specific GOLF-related problem, but will be used DAILY.




      Golf-related flier

LeClaspTM is a jewellery-caliber promotional product, so for a classy (chic) look, we recommend black\glossy gold or green\glossy gold imprint colours.

Decorate the "jewellery-holder" with the event major sponsor (2) on the front (side 1) AND a golf-related emblem (Golf Jewellery Holder!) on the back.


For maximum impact on golf tournament day, handout LeClasp's  during registration.  Dedicate an charismatic and daring person to ask participants to, "hand over ALL your personal jewellery". 


S/He then demonstrates to EACH golfer LeClaspTM three (3) main features (useful key holder, innovative jewellery holder and unique self-defense device) will improve their "quality of life", not only on the golf course, but daily


Watch how your clients, vendors, employees and friends react (total shock) and listen to their observations (Why didn't anyone think of it before?, magic, no more chipped finger nails and lost jewellery... Wowwwwww...).


LeClaspTM will be the talk of the day.


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P.s.  Neat... unique!!

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