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u Be Careful Out There...

u Dance Partner (Dog Lovers)

u When Workers Get Bored

u 2 Guys in Torino

u Be Careful Out There...

u Dance Partner (Dog Lovers)

u When Workers Get Bored.

u Great Father's Day Gift

u Dance Partner (Dog Lovers)

u What Time? (Pepsi)

u Fruit Cake Lady (Leno)

u Swing Distraction

u Irish Mental Hotline

u Never a greater truth spoken

u Stress... Handle It!

u Retirement Calculator

u Ice Scraping

u Skiing in Saskatchewan

u Why men don't ask directions...

u Tattoo Of The Year...

u Fishing...

u As Halloween approacheth!

u Happiness defined...

u Funny pets... animals

u The Man Song

u Snow fight... horses

u Good dog

u Beer bitch

u Thank You

u It's finally happened

u Einstein... The Brainy Bird

u Pet lovers will know

u Why Bush beat Kerry

u Now that's a serious shot!

u Body Art

u Scottish DWI Test

u Swing distraction

u Who is this guy?

u Funny cats 2

u 2 Italians in Torino

u Golf cart etiquette

u Great Race

u Chinese proverbs

u Evolution of man

u Clever technology

u My kind of Gal.....Ouch!

u Incredible commercial

u Rose

u Talking dogs

u I love power tools

u Cat and mouse

u Pepsi

u Must be a Blonde Gazelle

u Can't Dance

u Fruit Cake Lady

u Security

u RÍves

u Animaladas

u Going to work Mondays

u Going to work Fridays

u Lemme sleep

u Accents

u Elephant tricks

u Charlie Chaplin and His Dog

u How'd they do that?

u USS Montana

u Hockey Humour

u This is love

u A place call earth

u Funny cats 1

u Nike Shoes

u Going to work Monday morning

u Going to work Friday morning

u Run by

u Choose your underwear carefully

u Outstanding clip of Johnny Carson and Jack Webb

u Hope this doesn't freak you out... But "they" know what you've been up to!

u Whether youíre a hockey fan or not, this is the slickest move I have ever seen in any sport. 

u Terrific show! The music really sends me for a loop

u Positively BRILLIANT new computer from Israel

u Pets...and you think Rotweillers are dangerous

u Sooooo a hair trigger dick CAN be good.

u Their first time...Hey ladies, remember when?

u What a ride! I'll never look at my teddy bears the same way ever again

u Marriage horse race...Brings a whole new meaning to the word "Nag"

u OLYMPICS for the office/warehouse staff

u Seulement et heureusement en...

u Women in parking lots.... beware

u Highest bridge in the world

u Why do men die young?

u Whose Line Is It with Drew Carey

u A guy witnesses an accident

u Towing complaint... priceless


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