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 First Aid Tips For Winter Woes With St John Ambulance


Tuesday, 2 August 2005: Your

By Michael Plumb:

AS THIS year's winter cold snap takes hold throughout NSW, first aid specialists, St John Ambulance are encouraging people to brush up on their first aid skills, particularly for accidents in the home.

In the home environment any number of accidents and injuries, some potentially lethal, can occur.

Most can be prevented.

Common winter accidents that occur in the home are often associated with keeping warm- ie burns of some sort.

To Treat a Burn:

* Remove the casualty from danger - do not become a casualty yourself.

* Put out burning clothing - smother with a non-flammable blanket or jacket or use water.

* Hold the burnt area under cool running water for 10 minutes.

* If the area is bigger than a twenty-cent piece seek further medical advice.

* Cover the burn with a sterile non-stick dressing.

* Remove jewellery and clothing, but leave any that is stuck.

* Seek medical aid urgently for all electrical burns.

Warning: Do not apply any lotions, ointments, creams or oily dressings.

* Do not prick or break blisters.

* Do not give alcohol to drink.

* Do not overcool the casualty, particularly if very young, or if the burn area is extensive. Shivering may indicate overcooling.

* Do not use towels, cotton wool, blankets or adhesive dressings directly on the wound.


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