Have you had an accident at work that wasnít your fault and your too scared to claim the rightful compensation you deserve? You may be scared you may lose your job if you claim compensation from your employers but this cannot happen if it does you have a claim of wrongful dismissal, as well as your bosses being unhappy with you for this the list is endless. Many employees donít claim their rightful compensation if they have an accident at work because there scared. Well you shouldnít be, a good solicitor will explain all the facts involved in a claim and answer any questions you may have.

Accidents at work can be very difficult but to make a successful personal injury claim you need to show that your injuries have been caused by the negligence of your employer. If one of your colleagues has hurt you, your employer is also responsible for this. If any accidents do happen you need to tell your employer so they can make a note of it in the accident book.

Your employer, or the person in control of the work premises are required under RIDDOR-Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Regulations to report any work related accidents and any work diseases or any dangerous occurrences whatever it may be. Itís a legal requirement to report any of these accidents under RIDDOR act of 1995. The information that is passed on to the Local Authority and the Health & Safety Executive helps them help the employers to prevent other reoccurrences of the same accidents and reduce any other risks for all employees.

A work injury may be that of you have hurt your hands, hit your head something hit you on the head, got something in your eyes, burnt your skin, inhaled something bad for your lungs, hurt your spin or skeleton either lifting something heavy you hadnít be shown how to lift. The most common causes of injuries from work are manual handling of heavy items, machinery or tools, exposure to hazardous chemicals, jewellery or long hair tangled in machinery, misuse or failure of vehicles and any inadequate safety training.

Not only are the above common causes but other hazards include: explosive chemicals, electricity, heat, height, gases and liquids, powerful or sharp moving machinery, flammable gases, poisonous gases, heavy structures, high pressure gas and liquids all of these can and may cause an accident at the work place.

If you have had an accident in your workplace and it wasnít your fault you have a legal and civil right to claim personal injury compensation from your employees and donít worry about being sacked from your workplace if you claim compensation because they canít sack you because of that its wrongful dismissal.