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LeClasp... Best CPI In The Promotional Products Industry

Advertisers make use of CPI (cost-per-impression) factor to measure, appraise, cost and justify the ROI (return on investment) of mass media

For mass media such as television, radio, magazines, newspapers and billboards, the measurement of people's interest in them has to do with the 1) size of the audience and the 2) number of times the audience is exposed to the advertisements. These two measurements are known, respectively, as reach and frequency.

Using mass media's benchmark CPI measurement method, lets compare LeClasp return on investment (ROI) as an promotional product gift idea.

People utilize their keys (house, car, remotes, work, warehouse, lock, mail box, safety deposit) every single day, on average once every hour

If we suppose there are 16 waking hours in a normal day, LeClasp recipients will notice/see your ad message (logo, safety/hazard warning or message, slogan, tag line, picture, website \ toll-free # \ iso classification #, etc.) displayed on the front side domed imprint on average 16 times per day.

Assuming a $7.50 price point per LeClasp, the one day usage CPI (cost-per-impression) is 47¢ ($7.50 / 16).


For one month usage, your "production staff" will be reminded (see) of your "safety message" 480 times (30*16), or a CPI of 1.5¢ ($7.50 / 480). 


For one year usage, your "prospective or loyal client" will be reminded (see) your "company product & services" 5760 times per year (365*16), or a CPI of more or less two-hundredths .002¢ of a cent ($7.50 / 5760).


Spread that out across the 3-year recommended replacement period and it works out to more than 17,280 impressions, or take into account a "consumer" reminded "every single day" of your "leading brand-name product" for an incalculable CPI of four-thousandths .0004¢ of a cent ($7.50 / 17280)!!


Wow... LeClasp offers you long term exposure at a very low, low CPI.   Before purchasing promotional product lines, measure, appraise, cost and justify ROI.


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Click the following link Case for Promotional Products for an informative article (quickie refresher class) on CPI (COST-PER-IMPRESSION).

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