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LeClasp Personal Self-Defense Division

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LeClasp and Self-Defense

 7a) LeClasp... The Self-Defense Device!

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LeClasp and Self-Defense Device!

Before proceeding, it is important to note we are NOT promoting violence, and we are convinced - men or women - understand. 

At an early age we enroll our children in self-defense courses

How many parents (dads) confess demonstrating the "keys between the knuckles brass fingers" grasp to their teenage daughters for personal protection against attackers, aggressors, or creepy strangers?

ALL or us at one time or other have walked or jogged alone at night holding our keys in a brass knuckle grasp for safety  measure.

However self-defense instructors will agree the method of self-defense is more or less effectiveWhy??

First, once panic sets in the average person will DROP his or her keys within 5-15 seconds of an violent assault.  Secondly, bones can be fractured as soon as you strike an aggressor because unanchored keys dig into fingers\hands\palms.

Anyone working shift work or sports persons traveling will appreciate the LeClasp™ "Personal Safety" Device that can help give you the peace of mind when leaving the office\mall late to catch the bus; or the brisk walk thru an unlit parking lot in the wee hours of the morning; or any other time that you feel danger\uncomfortable about your personal safety.

As a personal safety device, The LeClasp™ Key Holder can rapidly be concerted into an effective hand claspedPersonal Safety Device for your security... safety. Checkout below website links for more information on the topic, including:


How to setup LeClasp for Self-Defense


Helpful Personal Self-Defense Advice, Tips, Headlines and Website Links


Recommended Personal Safety (Self-Defense) Campaign Examples


Where To Buy?

If you need additional information, need coaching BEFORE a planning meeting or simply wanna brainstorm stuff, contact our Sales and Marketing Manager @ [ Info@quagtum.com ]


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