LeClasp Personal Safety (Self-Defense) Device -

How to Setup and Use LeClasp for Self-Defense

Holding the Defense KEY (D-KEY) as shown in the How to Setup\Use for... below when walking at night or exercising alone allows you to use it as an effective weapon

You can use LeClasp™ in combination with the D-KEYto gouge an attacker's eye or jab in the neck.

STEPS A and Bdemonstrate how to SETUP\USE your LeClasp™ for personal safeguard.

STEP A:  Find "YOUR" custom-size Defense KEY (D-KEY).

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4a) Find amongst all your keys one key shaped with a flat back.  Ideal width of the D-KEY should be 1/2 - 5/8 inches.

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4b) The D-KEY™ should be the length of your pinky finger.  Users with smaller hands (women\kids) may need to cut\file a custom-sized key.  Some people feel safer with longer keys.
4c) For comfort, the D-KEY should be separated by itself on 1 of 4 20mm split rings shipped with each LeClasp


STEP B:   FROM NOW ON, EVERY SINGLE DAY BEFORE departing someplace alone (especially at night!!), follow the instructions below to easily convert yourLeClasp™ into a concealable, handclasp self-defense device!

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 4d) Position your D-KEY at the far end of "circular-shaped opening".

 4e) If you areright-handed, slide LeClasp™ all the way through your right ring finger.  The bottom part should rest in your palm and feel very comfortable when clasping\clenching your right hand in a fist.

 4f)  Make sure the D-KEY is placed on the side closest to your middle finger and forefinger.

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 4g)  Now move\slide the D-KEY between the forefinger and middle finger.  Verify the CENTER of the flat D-KEY rests (actually anchors itself...) firmly onthe side of the LeClasp™

 4h) Lastly, clasp\clench your hand in a fist, nestlingyour D-KEY sturdily in the palm of the hand.  You should be able to jab something hard (brick, wood). 


NOTE:  If you feel some pain en jabbing or the D-KEYis loose and slides sideways, then your Defense KEY is NOT positioned\anchored properly and\or fitted properly for your hand\finger size.  Go back to Step A.  Try experimentations with a shorter sized keys and\or a smaller size split rings (18-14-16-12 mm diameter). 


If you require further assistance, e-mail us @info@quagtum.com.

Mom always says, "Better Safe Than Sorry".

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